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Match Report
Europe ]TW[ vs [KK] UK
1 - 0
  • Soldier of Fortune Soldier of Fortune
  • Date & Time Played: Friday 17 February @ 15:00
  • Match Type: Public Match
  • 1 Map(s): dm/gicctf(1-0)
  • Team Size: 3 vs 3
  • Team: adem, Evil4N
  • Caller/Captain: Evil4N
  • Most Valuable Player: Evil4N
  • Match Report by: Evil4N
  • External Link: None

After cap, drake kicked me lmfao; "omg evilan u camped me"... france's little baby.

He kept on kicking after I said "I pwn u drake, like always", muhaha. Anyway match never got finished, but you see it didn't matter anyway *squeeze*


evi capped while i was afk, and born was useless so he won them by him self GJ evi LOL

Friday 17 February @ 14:46 by Netherlands adem


Friday 17 February @ 14:52 by Netherlands Evil4N

hehe ! nice

Sunday 19 February @ 03:08 by Belgium Bugli

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