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Match Report
Europe ]TW[ vs 3V France
4 - 3
  • Soldier of Fortune Soldier of Fortune
  • Date & Time Played: Thursday 15 November @ 22:00
  • Match Type: Weekly
  • 1 Map(s): dm/irqctf2(4-3)
  • Team Size: 5 vs 5
  • Team: Tension, Evil4N, Mafia, ]TDW[3D, ApPie, MikeY, Ducky
  • Caller/Captain: Evil4N
  • Most Valuable Player: Evil4N
  • Match Report by: Evil4N
  • External Link: None

We first did Irq1, tbh they used a faker wich ended 2nd place, for the weekly me and Bugli had a agreement not to use any fakers, wich Bugli broke. 2nd Map was aight. Nice teamplay.


yea nice games enjoyed it Smile

Thursday 15 November @ 22:55 by Poland Mafia

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