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Match Report
Europe ]TW[ vs 3V France
6 - 1
  • Soldier of Fortune Soldier of Fortune
  • Date & Time Played: Monday 26 November @ 20:00
  • Match Type: Public Match
  • 1 Map(s): dm/irqctf1(6-1)
  • Team Size: 4 vs 4
  • Team: Ducky, TDW_RAYDEN, ApPie, Evil4N
  • Caller/Captain: ApPie
  • Most Valuable Player: TDW_RAYDEN
  • Match Report by: Evil4N
  • External Link: None

Good games, rayden best player since he got most frags Tongue

This will end the discussion wich clan is owns who: TDW owns 3V


O my... LOVLY GAME TBH 3v's best teamSmile

Monday 26 November @ 22:50 by Netherlands ApPie

This is proof that TDW is a better clan then 3v, and we will always be better.

Monday 26 November @ 22:51 by Netherlands Evil4N

i sucked in caps, but i own in fragz TongueTongueTongue GG all, nice caps Legend & nice def Evilan

Monday 26 November @ 23:10 by France TDW_RAYDEN

gg man Laughing nice rofll best team of 3v wmsuhauha

Tuesday 27 November @ 17:52 by Netherlands Kadir

Nah replace bully with Enoid thats there best team.

Wednesday 05 December @ 23:53 by UK Keifer

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