SOF GameServer

Match Report
Europe ]TW[ vs T#E Europe
23 - 3
8 - 3 Win
15 - 0 Win
  • Soldier of Fortune Soldier of Fortune
  • Date & Time Played: Wednesday 14 October @ 21:00
  • Match Type: TCL
  • 2 Map(s): dm/dust2002(8-3), dm/dust2002(15-0)
  • Team Size: 5 vs 5
  • Team: ApPie, Evil4N, Dawn, Mentu, QlimaxAkaReplaY
  • Caller/Captain: Evil4N
  • Most Valuable Player: ApPie
  • Match Report by: Evil4N
  • External Link: None

GG, intense first map, fun in 2nd map, and if anyone says that I am a camper, let them know that he is a liar... I never camped anywhere.


lol first map I had the lowest frags in the server LOL.

Thursday 15 October @ 00:31 by Netherlands Evil4N

But highest frags in the 2nd map lol

Thursday 15 October @ 00:32 by Netherlands Evil4N

dude im the best runner Laughing

Thursday 15 October @ 11:56 by Netherlands QlimaxAkaReplaY

ik stond natuurlijk 2x 2e, echt een pro midfielder ik

Thursday 15 October @ 15:58 by Belgium Dawn

trouwens evilan, wat voor onzin is die commentaar lol
intense? fun? dit was de saaiste tcl match ooit Tongue

Thursday 15 October @ 15:59 by Belgium Dawn

De eerste 5 minuten was toch wel intense ? nou dan Laughing

Thursday 15 October @ 17:58 by Netherlands Evil4N

lol ik wist niet eens dat appie dit nog speelde
heefft appie nog andere namen??

Sunday 25 October @ 15:06 by Netherlands Ardijan

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