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Match Report
Europe TW vs IB UK
1 - 3
  • Soldier of Fortune Soldier of Fortune
  • Date & Time Played: Thursday 08 April @ 20:00
  • Match Type: Weekly
  • 1 Map(s): Other(1-3)
  • Team Size: 5 vs 5
  • Team: MethoD, JuLIEN, Evil4N, K3FU, Zetsu
  • Caller/Captain: Evil4N
  • Most Valuable Player: Evil4N
  • Match Report by: Evil4N
  • External Link: None

gg, hopefully next week a better map.


Yeah gg m8's , don't care about the score ,we'll do better next time Smile

Thursday 08 April @ 20:44 by France Zetsu

gg's, yeah but teams weren't really unfair, if one of ur best players played instead of kefu, scores would have been different Tongue

Thursday 08 April @ 21:16 by Belgium MinatO

np, Kefu is still learning Laughing

Thursday 08 April @ 21:16 by Netherlands Evil4N

sry for my score fo.. im play that map first and in next map im overflowed ..

Thursday 15 April @ 14:33 by Czech Republic K3FU

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